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Many diseases that used to be a threat are now easily vaccine-preventable. Unfortunately, many reasons that such preventable diseases still exist are due to the lack of immunizations. Immunizations can save time and money, protect those you care about and potentially save your child’s life.


The first years of your child’s life are very important. The physical and social health of your child will often show their readiness for school. As such, routine checkups are essential to a child’s health.

Pediatric Check-up visits:

Expect the following recommendations and examinations during our check-ups:

School and Sports Physical

Our physical examinations consist of a medical history background check and a physical examination. As with all physical activities, there is a certain risk of injury, which we try to prevent with our physical examinations.

Physicals are recommended for those taking part in:

Our physician will identify any pre-existing or potentially harmful conditions that would keep a sports participant out of a game or hinder their performance.

Requirements of sports physicals will vary by state and sport. It is recommended to receive a physical at least six weeks prior to the start of a sports season. Check with your school sports administrator in order to be properly prepared for the upcoming sports season.

Attention and Learning Problems

When children experience problems at school such as hyperactivity, inattention or academic underachievement, often parents won’t know what to do. Our comprehensive evaluations allow us to help students overcome the roadblocks that prevent them from succeeding in school.

Prenatal Visits for Expecting Parents

Whether it’s your first or your fifth child, the rewarding journey of parenthood often comes with unexpected bumps and turns.

Allow us to help you navigate each unique experience, preparing you and your family for the arrival of your new child.

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