Pediatric Well Care Visits for Kids in Utah:

The first years of your child’s life are very important. The physical and social health of your child will often show their readiness for school. As such, routine checkups are essential to a child’s health.

Expect the following recommendations and examinations during our check-ups:

  • The height, weight, and BMI (body mass index)
  • Sleep habits and patterns
  • Overall nutrition
  • Physical and social development progress
  • Development of Cognitive and Academic abilities
  • Related social and family medical history
  • A full physical examination
  • Vision and Hearing tests
  • Health recommendations for prevention

Why Choose
Families First Pediatrics?

"Very personable, and really takes the time to answer any questions and make you feel comfortable. Everyone on the staff was very friendly and helpful. My toddler loved coming here, and so did I."

- Bonnie E. -

"We have 3 little boys under the age of 7. Dr Zarbock is such a fun doctor! My boys love him and he is super knowledgeable. I feel like we are always treated well and other than the fact that we are usually sick when we go there it is a very pleasant experience!"

- Andrew Brown -

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